Monday, September 13, 2010

First Post

So...welcome to my blog. This blog is dedicated to art, so if that doesn't sound interesting to you then this probably isn't the blog for you. With that said, here goes with my first post.

I love to draw. I live, breathe, go through school, with drawings in my head or on the paper in front of me. I think that images are alive in a way, and when you create an image, you're creating life. Here are some of my summer drawings. I drew way more, but most of them are on my mac so I'll post them later.

This one was probably one of the first from this summer. It's a semi-realist drawing of an African tribesman, middle aged. some of the features were stressed to amplify african facial features, as I hadn't drawn many black people. (sorry guys)

You can never have too many black guys. This one was a really rough memory sketch of a black guy that I'd seen near chinatown from the car. Proportions are a bitch without a subject in front of you.

First of two prints that I did during an art class, a flower in the sun
Second print from the class, Buddha meditating under the tree.
A self portait is a good way to end a summer, don't you think?

Everybody loves a leprechaun

There are more to come

-Michael Stamos

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