Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some old ones, and one new one

The first three are sketches I did in San Francisco in july. When your parents are out shopping, and all your brother wants to do is watch nfl network and throw shit at you, you have a lot of time to do sketches out of what you see from the massive window in your hotel room.

The upside was that it had a great view.

Alcatraz and surroundings:

Coit tower (I think) and background:

A church (idk the name):

A rose:

A pretty old drawing, but i wanted to put it up

This is my sad attempt at a fully-clothed figure drawing based on a statuette thingey in my room, it's supposed to be lady justice i think, I didn't have time for the head, and changed some of the positioning, and added a scale in her hand.

More to come later, 

-Michael Stamos

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